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Your Plantation Is Destroyed

Imagine that you wake up one morning and decide to check on the progress of the garden that you're growing in your backyard.

You walk outside and you notice something unusual.

The crops in your garden and the grass in your yard are all destroyed.

Who or what could have done this?

Man Conducting Pest Control in a Backyard in Lutz Florida
Man Performing Pest Control at a Lutz Residential Home

Should You Call An Exterminator?

It doesn't take long to realize you have a pest on your hands.

This animal or insect is destroying your plantation and devouring all the crops and flowers you've worked so hard to grow.

You feel frustrated and wonder if you should call an exterminator. However, even if they help you get rid of the pests, they typically won't provide proper advice on how to save your landscape.

So who should you call?

We'll Evict The Pests And Protect The Plants

SouthScape LandScape Maintenance has knowledgable professionals to help take care of all issues at hand.

The first thing we'll do is address the pest issue that is causing the damage.

We'll then help to fertilize your plantation so it can grow and be preserved from other animals and insects.

Lastly, we'll provide guidelines on how you can take preventative measures to keep your yard healthy and safe from wild intruders.

Pest Control Company Truck Parked in Front of a Home in Lutz FL
Lutz Woman Doing Pest Control

No More Pests To "Bug" Your Lawn

Once we're done, you'll eventually feel relief and watch as your garden and yard return to normal.

All signs of pests will be gone, your plants will be safe, and you'll be a happy homeowner.

All frustrations will be flushed away, and you'll finally be able to wake up in the morning to a beautiful landscape and garden.

Finally a landscape company that's not only great at maintaining my lawn but also incredibly professional!  After years of dealing with several companies with poor service (no shows, breaking sprinkler heads over and over again, double charging), I've found a company that actually cares to provide a great service! SouthScapes is always on schedule, provides great communication, and very well priced."

- Dominick Paradiso

Residential Pest Control Lutz

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